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A brief introduction to adult diapers

A brief introduction to adult diapers

  • 2018-07-16

Adult diapers are disposable paper incontinence products. Most products are flaky when purchased and wear pants. how to make an adult diaperit connect to a pair of pants with a hot melt glue piece. the adhesive film has the function of adjusting the waist of the trousers at the same time, so as to fit different fat and thin bodies. It is mainly suitable for people with moderate or severe incontinence, traffic jams or those unable to go to toilets. to they thought how to make a disposable diaper?Adult diapers, the permeability of the market is relatively low, the main reasons are 2, adult diaper bag making machine early investment is much larger than the baby, second is because the price of adult diapers is relatively high, the main market is still in coastal areas, nursing homes, welfare homes and so on.

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China is going to enter the elderly society, the elderly population is more and more larger, and with the continuous improvement of the living standard and medical technology, people's life is longer and longer. Adult diaper bag making machine makert is big. Adult pants market is bigger than baby pants according to expert analysis. The huge market potential of adult pants will also bring wide development for how to make an adult diaper, which will become the new engine driving the growth of domestic manufacturer of how to make a disposable diaper.

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