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Adult diaper: don’t be missing the direction of new market

Adult diaper: don’t be missing the direction of new market

  • 2019-11-24

Adult diaper belongs to disposable tissue incontinence product, which is one of adult care products.most of products were slice shape when you bought, pants shape after wore. It was mainly suitable for serious incontinence people、paralyzed bed patient、unable to go to the toilet for outer.

Nowadays adult diapers were not only existing for ill people, with the development of social and people thought opening, its using more and more popular, normal, lively. In order to deal with emergency conditions during the world cup. Most of young fans hope to support outside, so they decided to purchase adult diapers to deal physiology problems.

From global, the quantity consumption of adult diapers about 59.4 billion pieces in 2018. Comparing to 2017, it increased 9.9%. in the five years from 2018 to 2023, global sales of adult diapers were expected to grow at an annual rate of 9.5%, add up to 93.4 billion. In north of America、Europe and Japan, the light incontinence pad and serious pull up diaper were still the fastest increasing products.

Obviously, as fast development of consumer goods, adult diapers had tended market from the consumer quantity. Now brand awareness and sales channel were needed to be attention.For enterprises in the industry, it is very important to establish a reliable brand and a large sales network.

The factors affecting development of adult diaper market

一、Aging of population

二、The elder have a higher bed rate

三、Empty elder more and more

四、Wealthy life

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