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AirMill technology

AirMill technology

  • 2019-06-09

As well known as, the highest end anti-leakage structure paper products was produced by TAD or like TAD paper machine. differently,AirMill can achieve it in process. AirMill is a dependence machine which set between ourter paper racks and printing machine. It combines paper roller with glue roller to anti-leakage structure.

The advantage of AirMill including: the absorbent of quantity more large and speed faster. The product is more thick, comfortable, keep higher paper strength, save cost and eco-friendly.

For example, in the same thickness, AirMill can decrease 55% printing strength, it improves 35% longitudinal tensile or thickness to 36% by increase 8% printing strength.

Especially,for this tech, it improves thickness and absorbent. For example, do the same spec and quantity roll paper, if use AirMill tech, it decreases about 25% the weight of paper; do the same weight paper, AirMill can produce more large roll paper.


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