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Analyze for India market

Analyze for India market

  • 2019-07-12

One、Market Profile

Comparing to mature feminine hygiene products market in China, Indian market remains junior term.At present, The high-end and middle-end products are  major in India, which makes up 90% and used for top social women. With the expanding of the using of feminine hygiene products, it is possible that popularity products will increase continuously, and they have a place in market.

Two、Major growth points

India is a young and large population country, which the average of ages is only 24. About 165 million of them are women ages at 10-24 , this part of them are major consumer groups and improving usage rate factors in long term.

With the average income of Indian population increases year by year, which can improve people living standard, it promotes the popularization of female hygiene products.

Third、sales channel

Small retail stores are main sales channel

In western country, large supermarket are the main sales channel of feminine hygiene products,but India is different. Although India also has big supermarket, but they can’t service most of population. Sanitary napkins are sold by more than 3 million big supermarket, it makes up 80%.

New sales channel

Although the retail stores are main channels in Indian market.but new channels are developing, such as supermarket and e-commerce.

Four、opportunity and challenge

The government is dedicated to improve hygiene realize of basis people.

Toilet revolution helped popularize of hygiene products

Waiting for importing new equipment to satisfied with increasing of market needs continuously.

India has high barriers to business

Brand promotion costs a lot


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