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  • Full servo maternity pad production line
    • Sep 21,2018

    Nowadays, the market competition is getting more and more fierce, and the money of domestic diapers is getting more and more difficult to earn. As is known to many, nearly 70% of the domestic diapers market share is occupied by foreign brands, while only 30% of the domestic diapers market share is occupied by foreign brands.Meanwhile, with more and more domestic and foreign brands entering the dia...

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  • SL super adult diaper machine
    • Jul 27,2018

    SL super adult diaper machine The elderly population has increased, and consumers have increased their demand for diapers. In order to meet the market demand for diaper, the diaper equipment of SL PRECISION MACHINE(China top diaper manufacturing company) develops towards high speed and high reliability. SL complete set of servo adult diapers with digital and automatic characteristics. Collaborate ...

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  • Full-servo pull up diaper production line
    • Jul 12,2018

    With the development of  technology, the diaper machinery industry is also progressing with it. This time, SL precision machinery launched full servo Pants production line. This production line can be compatible with two or three pieces, and can be designed into two or three pieces and other configurations according to customers' requirements. In order to meet the needs of customers, there ar...

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  • Sanlian precision Machinery helps Egypt diaper market development
    • Feb 01,2019

    Egypt is the most populous country in north Africa, and adding more than 2.5 million people a year.Since the introduction of the reform, development and new investment law in Egypt, the economic structure has been adjusted. At the same time, in order to expand the scale of economic construction, the local government is committed to reform in industry and various fields. Recently, Egyptian customer...

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  • Full-servo control big elastic waist baby diaper production line
    • Feb 01,2019

    Product updates are vital to the development of an enterprise and we hope to bring more information about products to our customers. With this point of view, we keep on investing on new development. As a diaper making machine suppliers, we introduce diaper making process. The elastic waist baby diaper production line has the following main technical date: 1. Volume (million pieces/ year): 40-140 m...

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  • Full Servo Control Adult Diaper Production Line
    • Jul 05,2018

    SL precision machinery is the professional diaper machine manufacturer in china, Our Company has 15 years experience in the field of hygiene product machine.Strong technical force, the full capacity of processing equipment.Comprehensive service, One-station service. Products are the most important part of a company, as a adult diaper manufacturer,now let's introduce our adult diaper machine. This ...

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  • SL get more order Adult diapers Machine Orders
    • Jul 05,2018

    Adult diapers enter the enterprise vision From mika shuang (China) co., LTD., in April this year in chengdu a infant child products exhibition officially launched "Johnson" adult diapers when brand, take the lead in sichuan, shandong, fujian, guangdong to promote the four provinces.The first batch of products have been sold out as expected. The domestic adult diaper project is still in the testing...

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  • SL-LLK500 Commissioning Is Successful
    • Jun 21,2018

    Today,SL Precision Machinery pull up baby diaper machine commissioning is successful. The diaper making machine produce 500 pieces per minute ,Servo or frequency inverter transmission,Touch screen for man-machine conversation,Auto record and calculation of process data. The quality of our diaper  production line is the best in the industry.

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  • Congratulate SL Key suppliers Win-Win Cooperation Technical Seminar 2018
    • Feb 01,2019

    Congratulate SL Key suppliers Win-Win Cooperation Technical Seminar 2015 Everlast machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (SL) in important supplier conference on May 22, 2018, from around the world several important suppliers, partners, more than 60 representatives to attend and participate in the meeting. Based on the cooperation of suppliers, SL diaper manufacturing machine cost is lower , offer cust...

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