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SL get more order Adult diapers Machine Orders

SL get more order Adult diapers Machine Orders

  • 2018/07/05

Adult diapers enter the enterprise vision

From mika shuang (China) co., LTD., in April this year in chengdu a infant child products exhibition officially launched "Johnson" adult diapers when brand, take the lead in sichuan, shandong, fujian, guangdong to promote the four provinces.The first batch of products have been sold out as expected.

The domestic adult diaper project is still in the testing stage at present, and the focus of the work is more on the laying of channels and the promotion of products. From clients they SL baby diaper production machine , they are interesting in Adult diapers recent years and place try order to SL.

As early as 14 years ago, heng has been in the domestic launch into trousers brand "engran-hp", and obtained the rapid development in recent years, relying on the advantage of company resources, channel marketing, full volume ranked first in the country.On the basis of not changing the selling price, alcon keeps upgrading its products. This year, it launched a new "pantsuits" product, which saves consumers the cost of using them."Heng is currently working with a company in Hong Kong, with the development of new products, the company is launching a implanted chip product, so that the old man even can't speak, also can get better care."Hengan group diaper development director wang guizhong said.

Sparrow's diapers, said Lin Dengfeng, director of the general manager in China market, due to the influence of traditional concepts, adult diapers is still in the incubation periods, the market capacity is relatively small, the sparrow's company sales proportion of adult diapers is also slight.But with China's aging population increase gradually, gradually change of consumption idea will gradually promote the consumption behavior of mature, the future of space is very big still, so the company has been committed to adult diapers.

Adult diapers grow faster than baby diapers

According to some statistics, from 2007 to 2010, China's domestic consumption of infant diapers increased at a compound annual rate of about 30%.China paper association life committee, according to the results of research paper in 2011, the Chinese adult incontinence supplies consumption growth of 35.5% over 2010, among them, the adult diapers when consumption grew 31.2%, nursing pad consumption growth of 43.3%.The growth rate of adult incontinence products was significantly higher than that of infant diapers.Sales of adult diapers in Japan have surpassed those for babies.

The rapid expansion of the elderly population has become a powerful driver of the rapid growth of adult diapers.According to the data release of the sixth national census in 2010, there are 119 million people aged 65 and over in China, accounting for 8.87 percent of the total population and the largest number in the world.

Huang Guoqiao pointed out that with the advent of an aging society, a family to take care of four old man, at least eight more even to take care of, when the family can't afford to, a lot of people will eventually enter a nursing home, later, the old product demand will be more and more big, especially in adult diapers and other sanitary products.Some experts predict that with the arrival of an aging society, the "silver economy" will inevitably usher in the spring of development.

"In the next few years, the adult diapers will usher in rapid growth, though the awareness degree is not high, some rural market is not known to have such a product, the understanding of the big cities degree is higher, but the brand is also uneven."Wang guizhong said.

Stay ahead of the expansion

SL Precision Machine adult diapers and nappy machine good for the market potential , SL has been paying attention to and working hard on this project.

The future of the industry is a big market. With the improvement of consumption capacity and the awakening of consciousness, the development of low-end products may not have enough momentum.These are all questions that need careful consideration at present.

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