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Congratulate SL Key suppliers Win-Win Cooperation Technical Seminar 2018

Congratulate SL Key suppliers Win-Win Cooperation Technical Seminar 2018

  • 2019/02/01
Congratulate SL Key suppliers Win-Win Cooperation Technical Seminar 2015

Everlast machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (SL) in important supplier conference on May 22, 2018, from around the world several important suppliers, partners, more than 60 representatives to attend and participate in the meeting.

suppliers Win-Win Cooperation Technical Seminar

Based on the cooperation of suppliers, SL diaper manufacturing machine cost is lower , offer customer good diaper making machine price. Meantime. we cooperate suppliers to teach client how to make napkin diapers.

Meeting everlast company deputy general manager (SL) Wu Zili made the opening speech, he said everlast machinery (SL) todays success is and each supplier support prison inseparable, you supplier as our important partner for many years maintained a close relationship with us and for everlast (SL) development provides a great help, everlast machinery (SL) are of the utmost importance for years has been the development of the technology and communication and collaboration with our partners, at the same time everlast (SL) also hope to be able to grow with our supplier partners, sharing more success with the cooperation in the future.Everlast (SL) for the purpose of the meeting except in order to thank you for your cooperation partner support for everlast, more hope you by the party to do more technical communication and discussion, as more and more advanced better solution discussion provides a good platform.

At Sandvik, might, Osprey, BTSR, henkel, Pilz, PGI, hui bridge, Plasmacoating multiple vendors have made a speech and speech, the topic, application technology and a variety of solutions, performance improvements for our product offers a variety of ideas.

suppliers Win-Win Cooperation Technical Seminar

Conference in conjunction with the support of all the participants has been a complete success, also for our future mutual cooperation and development laid a solid foundation.


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