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Full Servo Control Adult Diaper Production Line

Full Servo Control Adult Diaper Production Line

  • 2018/07/05

SL precision machinery is the professional diaper machine manufacturer in china, Our Company has 15 years experience in the field of hygiene product machine.Strong technical force, the full capacity of processing equipment.Comprehensive service, One-station service.

Products are the most important part of a company, as a adult diaper manufacturer,now let's introduce our adult diaper machine.

This product has the following features: 1.Compact design, easy 2.operation&maintenance 3.Modular design, for future upgrading 4.Low consumption, high efficiency 5.Servo or frequency inverter transmission 6.Touch screen for man-machine conversation 7.Auto record and calculation of process data 8.Main raw material auto splicing at zero speed 9.Inverter or servo unwinding with tension control10.Web guiding controller 11.Sensor quality control systems 12.Material broken and lost inspection, auto machine stop and defective products auto rejection 13.Easy size changing and manufacture 14.CE approval

We also have a baby diaper making machine , We look forward to your inquiry!

adult diaper machine


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