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Full-servo control big elastic waist baby diaper production line

Full-servo control big elastic waist baby diaper production line

  • 2019/02/01

Product updates are vital to the development of an enterprise and we hope to bring more information about products to our customers.

With this point of view, we keep on investing on new development. As a diaper making machine suppliers, we introduce diaper making process. The elastic waist baby diaper production line has the following main technical date:

1. Volume (million pieces/ year): 40-140 million pieces
2. Designed Speed: 600pcs/min
3. Stable Speed: 400-500pcs/min
4.  Passing rate ≥ 98% (Not include the glue applicator, Auto Splicing)
4. Overall size(L×W×H): 30mx7mx3.4m(for reference )
5. Total power(exclude glue applicator and air compressor): 380V 50HZ, Tri-phase
6. Weight: About 100 T
7.Can be with full servo control stacker(Auto Bagging machine), production speed 50 bags/Min

For more information, please visit our website:www.sl-diapermachine.com


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