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Full servo maternity pad production line

Full servo maternity pad production line

  • 2018/09/21

Nowadays, the market competition is getting more and more fierce, and the money of domestic diapers is getting more and more difficult to earn. As is known to many, nearly 70% of the domestic diapers market share is occupied by foreign brands, while only 30% of the domestic diapers market share is occupied by foreign brands.Meanwhile, with more and more domestic and foreign brands entering the diaper market, the embarrassing situation of domestic diaper is conceivable.

So, in the hot market competition of diaper, how to improve the core competitiveness of domestic diaper? Many local companies are starting to put more effort into research and development. Therefore, the development of new products is a key factor to improve the core competitiveness.

SL precision machinery recently launched the whole servo period trousers production line, the production speed of this equipment reaches 300 pieces per minute. The products are made of high-quality wood pulp paper, which is soft and breathable, fast absorption, large amount of water absorption, skin-friendly and non-stimulating. Non-woven surface, soft and comfortable, dry absorption of water, prevention and treatment of eczema. We hope that better equipment will bring you better benefits, higher yield, more beautiful products, higher output. The product cost is lower and the benefit is better.

Please pay attention to more products of SL precision machinery. For details, please visit www.diapermachine.com. We look forward to your inquiry.

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