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Full-servo pull up diaper production line

Full-servo pull up diaper production line

  • 2018/07/12

With the development of  technology, the diaper machinery industry is also progressing with it. This time, SL precision machinery launched full servo Pants production line. This production line can be compatible with two or three pieces, and can be designed into two or three pieces and other configurations according to customers' requirements. In order to meet the needs of customers, there are many optional configuration, O cutting unit, we used is the industry's top brands, PNO, HCH also used this brand. Basic configuration is controlled by servo motor, the brand is mitsubishi. Reasonable and solid square steel frame, painted with baking paint, with second working platforms.

A customer asked how to make a diaper, and we showed him the whole production process.

He was very pleased to say that your process for making diapers is the same as that of HCH and Xing Shi. The workshop is very clean, good quality, low price, very cost-effective.

Now let's take a look at the basic process configuration of the pants as follows:

1. High speed pulverizer(untreated pulp is allowed)

2. Fluff forming unit

3. SAP dosing unit

4. Raw material feeding units

5. Inner core cutter unit

6. Inner core turning unit

7. Waist elastics application unit

8. Central folding unit

9. Final cutter unit

10.Air application unit

11.Safety protection unit

For more information, please visit our website: www.sl-diapermachine.com.

SL precision machinery aims to build the best diaper making machine in China.


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