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SL super adult diaper machine

SL super adult diaper machine

  • 2018/07/27

SL super adult diaper machine

The elderly population has increased, and consumers have increased their demand for diapers.

In order to meet the market demand for diaper, the diaper equipment of SL PRECISION MACHINEChina top diaper manufacturing company develops towards high speed and high reliability.

SL complete set of servo adult diapers with digital and automatic characteristics.

Collaborate with baby diaper companies.SL continues to invest in research and development, improving the multi-axis synchronous motion control technology and the tension control technology of the unwinding mechanism, so as to improve the production efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

SL diapers production line transmission system is according to process requirements analysis, design the overall scheme of the hardware: using full digital motion control system, and through the EtherCAT bus series controller, I/o module, servo drives.

Based on the iec61131-3 standard, the overall software scheme was designed, and the interface program, logical program and axis control program were developed on the software program development platform CoDeSys.

According to investigate List of diaper companies in india .The synchronous control technology of the diaper production line and the tension control technology of the unwinding mechanism are also the strengths of SL.

Synchronous control technology includes speed synchronization and phase synchronization, and two kinds of synchronous control are realized by using electronic gear control scheme based on virtual spindle.


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