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Build high-end first-class production equipment

Build high-end first-class production equipment

  • 2018-07-27

In the rational development of China's health products industry, the customer-oriented post-market has gradually become the focus of the whole industry,In the competition of brand influence, after-sales maintenance and service level, the value of enterprise's soft power -- talent has attracted more attention. It is the spring season when flowers bloom, the sanitary products industry also presents a thriving trend.

SL precision machinery is a professional disposable hygiene product machinery manufacturer, who involves in R&D, innovation, design, manufacturing, sales and after sales. With complete equipment development and manufacturing level, for the development of experienced design team, a full range of intelligent, information analysis, an independent development, the solution for users at home and abroad to provide a full range of equipment, products and services. In order to ensure the high quality of the equipment developed and manufactured by the company, the company has built high-end and first-class sanitary napkin production equipment.

Since its establishment, SL precision machinery has been based on manufacturing high-end sanitary products production equipment, committed to high-end health products market, and gradually opened up high-end brands. More and more high-quality and high-end products are the development trend of the health products market. The company follows the market and develops high-end production equipment. For example, in January this year, the company introduced a new product and developed a kind of special material winding equipment suitable for the new generation of high-speed sanitary napkin production equipment - automatic cross winding equipment. This equipment has greatly reduced the production cost, effectively improved the production efficiency, and achieved a good market share.

In the future, the enterprise always adhere to independent innovation, create the world of high-end baby diaper production and disposable nappies , sanitary products equipment, insist on with the user common development, promoting domestic nappies manufacturing machine towards the world.

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