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Elastic Waistband Baby Diaper Production Line

main technical data

Elastic Waist Baby Diaper Production Line,elastic point breaking high speed point cut evenly, the appearance is excellent, 

waist elasticity flat and close. production  was stable and reliable under high speed production environment, full servo control system, a high degree of automation, and according to the reasonable requirements of customers to upgrade.

1.Compact design, easy operation&maintenance

2.Modular design, for future upgrading

3.Low consumption, high efficiency

4.Servo or frequency inverter transmission

5.Touch screen for man-machine conversation

6.Auto record and calculation of process data

7.Main raw material auto splicing at zero speed

8.Inverter or servo unwinding with tension control

9.Web guiding controller

10.Sensor quality control systems

11.Material broken and lost inspection, auto machine stop and defective products auto rejection

12.Easy size changing and manufacture

1. Volume (million pieces/ year): 40-140 million pieces

2. Designed Speed: 600pcs/min

3. Stable Speed: 400-500pcs/min

4.  Passing rate ≥ 98% (Not include the glue applicator, Auto Splicing)

5. Overall size(L×W×H): 30mx7mx3.4m(With stacker)

6. Total power(exclude glue applicator and air compressor): 380V 50HZ, Tri-phase

7. Weight: About 100 T

8.Can be with full servo control stacker(Auto Bagging machine), production speed 50 bags/Min

High speed pulverizer(untreated pulp is allowed)

Waist elastics application unit

Fluff forming unit

Central folding unit

SAP dosing unit

Final cutter unit

Raw material feeding units

Air application unit

Inner core cutter unit

Safety protection unit

Inner core turning unit

1.Aloe/perfume application unit

2.Gravimetric SAP dosing unit

3.Camera quality detection unit

4.Full Servo Stacker machine

5.Full Servo Packing & Bagging Machine

6.Product detection system (including the weight, metal, appearance, position)

7.Modular design, it can be upgraded for producing rectangular back ears and front ears  

8.Two fluff forming units


1)Soft Pure Cotton Surface: Super absorption with million holes effectively absorb liquid, to keep baby dry.

2) PP side tape: easy to use and allows fastening as many times as necessary.

3) PP frontal tape:  with cute cartoon, and to fix diaper around baby body well

4) Elastic waistband: It touches soft, well fits baby‘s waist, allow baby to move more freely, makes breathing more comfortable.

5) Cloth-like Breathable Backsheet: With cute cartoon. Soft cottony backsheet immediately disperse frowst and moisture, keeps baby dry.



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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!