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Full Servo Control Pull-ups Baby Panty (Training Pant) Production Line

main technical data

Full Servo Control Pull-ups Baby Panty Production Line,The fusion strength of thermal welding between non-woven fabrics is high, stable, and prevents the wearing of the position.and Pull ups diapers production line configurable video detection system, online detection of product size, position detection, flaw detection, spot scanning, most parts are by CNC machine tool precision machining and wait.

1.Compact design, easy


3.Modular design, for future upgrading

4.Low consumption, high efficiency

5.Servo or frequency inverter transmission

6.Touch screen for man-machine conversation

7.Auto record and calculation of process data

8.Main raw material auto splicing at zero speed

9.Inverter or servo unwinding with tension control

10.Web guiding controller

11.Sensor quality control systems

12.Material broken and lost inspection, auto machine stop and defective products auto rejection

13.Easy size changing and manufacture

14.CE approval

1. Volume (million pieces/ year): 40-140 million pieces

2. Designed Speed: 600pcs/min

3. Stable Speed: 400-500pcs/min

4.  Passing rate ≥ 98% (Not include the glue applicator, Auto Splicing)

4. Overall size(L×W×H): 30mx7mx3.4m(With stacker)

5. Total power(exclude glue applicator and air compressor): 380V 50HZ, Tri-phase

6. Weight: About 100 T

7.Can be with full servo control stacker(Auto Bagging machine), production speed 50 bags/Min

High speed pulverizer(untreated pulp is allowed)

Waist elastics application unit

Fluff forming unit

Central folding unit

SAP dosing unit

Final cutter unit

Raw material feeding units

Air application unit

Inner core cutter unit

Safety protection unit

Inner core turning unit

1.Aloe/perfume application unit

2.Gravimetric SAP dosing unit

3.Camera quality detection unit

4.Full Servo Stacker machine

5.Full Servo Packing & Bagging Machine

6.Product detection system (including the weight, metal, appearance, position)


one. Pants-like design: easy wearing and removal when changing diapers for the baby who can stand-up and walk!

two.Extra soft stretchable waistband: auto adjust to fit body shape and prevent side leakages, especially best fit for active boys & girls from 1-5 y/o

three.Non-requirement to wear outside cloth-pants:especially, hot weather environment such as South East Asia, African and Tropical countries.

four.Baby human factor designed for absorbent core:for better fit and good protection



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