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India cancel sanitary napkin import tariff

India cancel sanitary napkin import tariff

  • 2018-10-05

The Indian government announced that it will no longer impose a 12% import tariff on sanitary napkins.It will help more women to afford menstrual hygiene products and remove a major barrier to women's schooling and employment.

This means that more women will use sanitary napkins, increasing the demand for domestic sanitary napkins.So it's a good project to invest in sanitary napkins.The market for sanitary pads is expected to become saturated in the next few years, so invest as soon as possible.If you do that, you'll make a lot of money.

How to choose high quality machine is crucial for this project. Sanlian precision machinery is a professional manufacturer of diaper machine and sanitary napkin machine, which adopts full servo control, and the production speed can reach 700 pieces/minute.Using the best material suppliers, with high quality and quality for your dedicated service.You can make a lot of money by buying a machine from sanlian precision machinery.

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