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  • Adult diaper: don’t be missing the direction of new market
    Adult diaper: don’t be missing the direction of new market
    • 2019-07-25

    Adult diaper belongs to disposable tissue incontinence product, which is one of adult care products.most of products were slice shape when you bought, pants shape after wore. It was mainly suitable for serious incontinence people、paralyzed bed patient、unable to go to the toilet for outer. Nowadays a...

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  • Analyze for India market
    Analyze for India market
    • 2019-07-12

    One、Market Profile Comparing to mature feminine hygiene products market in China, Indian market remains junior term.At present, The high-end and middle-end products are  major in India, which makes up 90% and used for top social women. With the expanding of the using of feminine hygiene product...

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  • India hygiene products market
    India hygiene products market
    • 2019-07-01

    India has about 1.32 billion population, 650 million of them are women, at present, only 20% of women use sanitary pads, the huge of population profits will be found that enterprise invest hygiene product industry opportunity. In generally, sanitary pads divided into high-end and ordinary. One is ul...

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  • Diaper machine is transporting to customer
    Diaper machine is transporting to customer
    • 2019-06-21

    Today is a good day for Smart Machinery, Our baby diaper machine is already waiting for transportation, this is our NO.8017 machine which during about 4 months assembly and adjustable. we also have 5 machines in waiting, they are all diaper machine. Our machinery is specialize in baby diaper machine...

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  • AirMill technology
    AirMill technology
    • 2019-06-09

    As well known as, the highest end anti-leakage structure paper products was produced by TAD or like TAD paper machine. differently,AirMill can achieve it in process. AirMill is a dependence machine which set between ourter paper racks and printing machine. It combines paper roller with glue roller t...

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  • New order from India
    New order from India
    • 2019-06-01

    With the One Belt One Road policy beginning, it is also a chance for our company products, our full servo baby pull up diaper production line (pull up diaper machine) noticed by foreigner love and favor, especially Indian’s customers. This machine main produce baby pull up diaper, it’s suitable for ...

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