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Our Diaper Machine is Traveling To Africa

Our Diaper Machine is Traveling To Africa

  • 2018-06-19

On June 19th, the production line of SL-NK500 full servo baby-diaper waistband purchased from our company by Mozambican customers began to ship.At present, the container has been loaded. It will ship to the customer across the sea.

This customer is one of the largest suppliers of diapers in Mozambique . He sells high-end diapers, which have been sold very well in the local market, and he has his own brand and reputation. They have high demand for their diapers production. He ordered  SL diaper equipment since he satisfied with the SL Precision machinery. Customer signed a contract with us immediately after

inspecting and comparing. SL diaper machine made personalized design according to customer’s requirement. Before this delivery, the customer shipped raw materials to our workshop for trial production. The production of diapers from S to XL was very smooth and the customer was satisfied.

Our Diaper Machine is Traveling To Africa

We booked the shipping date of shipment recently accroding to customer’s requirement. Customer has orders in hand, we will cooperate with them after the goods arrive at destination port .we will send technician immediately for production installation and debugging .SL Precision machinery not only provides equipment, but also provides a complete set of services and technical support such as production management and raw material cost control. SL Precision machinery has helped many companies become successful.

The shipment has been completed successfully, thanks again to the mozambican customers for their trust in SL Precision machinery.

Our Diaper Machine is Traveling To Africa


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