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P&G Launch the Tampax Menstrual Cup

P&G Launch the Tampax Menstrual Cup

  • 2019-05-24

P&G launch the latest menstrual care products- Tampax menstrual cup, it is very soft and protective.P&G use its 80 years experience and researching hundreds of requirements.

Although the menstrual cup have been exited several tens of years, more and more women are considering about menstrual cup, but many women thought it can’t be satisfied with their soft and protective at present market. After talking to hundreds of women, it found that they only choose some barely satisfactory. Clinical studies have shown that most menstrual cups are longer than the average vagina, and it puts unnecessary pressure on the bladder. With that in mind, Tampax will launch a menstrual cup that suitable for woman’s body.

1.Soft curve shape, station keeping, less pressure on the bladder

2.Length and width are designed by scientific data

3.Use reusable 100% medical silicone

4.No dyes, spices, bisphenol A or latex

5.Product specifications are based on a woman's menstrual cycle, not prenatal or postnatal

6.Easy to remove

7.Up to 12 hours of protection

Rebecca Stoebe-Latham, a senior researcher at P&G woman’s care products research center said:we are not first to launch the menstrual cups, because we spend the enough time to create something that really meets women’s needs.

Now, Tampax menstrual cups can be gotten at selected retailers in the US, it divided into the regular flow and the big flow. Also including two specs samples for customers to choose more suitable type.


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