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SL precision machinery incontinence pants adopt Confioair breathable technology

SL precision machinery incontinence pants adopt Confioair breathable technology

  • 2019-03-04

SL precision machinery will use confioair100% breathable technology in its Premium Briefs, protective veunderwear and Heavy underwear pads. The technology features a microporous outer layer that allows the absorption of moisture from the inner core layer, allowing the product to be breathable, maintaining the natural moisture balance of the skin, and enhancing the comfort of the wearer. The new technology is used throughout SL precision premium product line at no extra cost to consumers.

Darron, management director of SL precision, said: "we are very concerned about consumer health and are committed to improving the quality of care and the fit and function of our products. Through this product upgrade, we can improve daily care and skin health for consumers.

Incontinence patients often face various health problems. Many of the incontinence victims are elderly, with fragile skin, skin ulcers, skin inflammation and infections caused by incontinence, and impaired wound healing. Because be in moist environment for a long time, skin health is crucial to incontinence patient, because this incontinence nurse supplies should provide dry and comfortable nurse for consumer, improve its life quality.

Tony Forsberg, clinical director of north American health and medical supplies at Essity, said: "triplex precision Confio Air 100% breathable technology is different from other innovations in adult incontinence. Most other products use breathable materials on the top and bottom of the incontinence pants, but ConfioAir technology can produce an overall breathable product that keeps the skin dry and healthy.

SL precision Premium Briefs and Protective Underwear products were redesigned with green Confio Air labels, new box-style packaging, print design on the bottom, and smart scanning barcodes.Triple Confio Air Heavy Pads will be available in December


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