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SL Precision Machinery Launched the domestic leading full servo baby diaper production line

SL Precision Machinery Launched the domestic leading full servo baby diaper production line

  • 2018-04-17

At present, Fujian Quanzhou is vigorously promoting the "numerical control generation" demonstration project, SL Precision Machinery is one of the representative enterprises.

SL Precision Machinery is a professional R & D production and sales of sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers and equipment and various Life Paper Equipment leader. Due to the barriers of numerical control technology in China, the domestic Adult Diaper Equipment has been all used abroad, such as Japan, Germany and other brands of CNC products and technology.

SL Precision Machinery developed full servo adult diaper production line, the use of domestic CNC products and technology, represents the current domestic CNC field's top technical indicators have reached the international advanced level of the same industry, the cost compared with the similar foreign products is reduced by more than 35%.

In SL Precision Machinery Diaper Production Line workshop, the reporter saw that the device is running, every minute can produce 400 pieces of adult diapers. It is reported that the device adopts the 56 axis full digital motion control system, which has high level of automation and intelligence. It can not change speed, replace material, automatically reject, automatically display fault names and processing methods, reduce manual operation and improve production efficiency by more than 50%. At the same time, the remote control can be realized, the equipment failure is analyzed and lifted, and the whole life cycle health file of the equipment can be set up.

"As China's economic development and the problem of population aging intensifies, the market is the increase in adult diapers at an annual rate of 20%, SL Precision Machinery the whole servo adult diapers to better serve the society, and promote the development of Chinese CNC technology.

In addition, the reporter learned that, in the past many years of technical research and development process, SL Precision Machinery has invested a lot of money for research, and brought together a team of senior technical staff consists of more than 30 people in the team, R & D strength has always been in the forefront of the industry, provide strong talent guarantee for enterprise technological progress.

Today, SL Precision Machinery has its own R & D and manufacturing of diapers, sanitary equipment and equipment of all kinds of paper products in three series of a variety of models, products are sold not only all over the country, but also exported to the world.


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