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The domestic disposable diaper machine is booming

The domestic disposable diaper machine is booming

  • 2018-07-27

With the adjustment of the population policy, China is at the fourth birth boom, and the baby pants market is very hot,and with the increase of the consumption level, the age of the baby's use of diapers will be prolonged. Compared with the developed countries the annual consumption of the diapers has big distance. There is still a big gap in the cost, so the baby pants market in the next 10 years will continue to maintain a fast growth, it is higher than the global average. The rapid development of the baby paper diaper market and baby pull-up pants market will bring a broad development and a higher growth rate for the manufacturer of domestic disposable diaper machine.

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China is going to enter the elderly society, the elderly population is more and more larger, and with the continuous improvement of the living standard and medical technology, people's life is longer and longer. Adult diaper making machine for sale makert is big. Adult pants market is bigger than baby pants according to expert analysis. The huge market potential of adult pants will also bring wide development for small scale diaper making machine manufacturers, which will become the new engine driving the growth of domestic manufacturer of disposable diaper machine.

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The domestic diaper  making machine for sale still has a long way. It is necessary to learn foreign outstanding equipment manufacturers, high speed and stable quality. At the same time, the domestic disposable  diaper machine has the advantages of fast research and development, short delivery time, high cost performance and good after-sales service. As long as we deep into the market study, absorb the advanced technology, management and experience, and adhere to independent innovation, domestic small scale diaper making machine will be developed into a world leading equipment.


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