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The future diaper machine development trend - SL PRECISION MACHINERY

The future diaper machine development trend - SL PRECISION MACHINERY

  • 2018-03-10

Before 2000, almost all sanitary napkin production facilities in China rely on imports. But after more than 10 years' efforts, Sanitary Napkin Production Equipment has basically been self-sufficient, and even the high-performance diaper production equipment has made great progress. Compared with the developed countries, domestic diaper equipment manufacturing industry started late, but after just 10 years of development, absorbing foreign advanced equipment manufacturing experience diapers from the initial study, digestion and development of independent research and development and innovation, products from the traditional circumference cutting baby diaper production line to baby pull-ups pants production line and adult diaper production line, production speed from 150~200 /min to 500~600 /min development, type of equipment, production speed, product quality stability, automation and safety performance improvement, rising international influence and market competitiveness.

According to the market research, the future trend of domestic paper diaper equipment will be reflected in the following aspects:

High end and high speed

With the improvement of living standards and the level of consumption upgrade, consumers put forward higher requirements on the appearance and comfort of diapers, and raw materials and energy prices and labor costs continue to increase, so that domestic users of the price sensitivity of Diaper Machines decreased gradually, turn to equipment production efficiency and production quality stability etc. The increasingly high demand. It has to meet the basic requirements of domestic equipment, some foreign companies or even the use of domestic equipment, but this year with the improvement of users requirements, foreign production equipment, high-speed go high-end route again favored". According to the hygiene magazine survey before the Japanese Burghardt products in domestic has been selling well, but in recent years has started to appear in short supply to queuing phenomenon, that rising domestic demand for high-speed, high-end diaper manufacturers of production equipment. Therefore, on the one hand, the production speed of domestic diapers will develop from the current 500~600 /min to 1000~1200 /min, while the quality stability of production will significantly improve, and the reject rate will be reduced to less than 3%. On the other hand, thin is the development trend of diapers, core thickness thinning, fluff pulp amount and the proportion will be less and less, which requires domestic equipment to improve the mixing ratio of SAP diapers and fluff pulp and the uniformity of the core layer, hybrid technology breakthrough success 1:1 ratio reached 60% above, and SAP applied to better uniformity, does not produce gel phenomenon

Automation and modularization

With the high-end development of diaper equipment, the structure of the equipment is more and more complex. If the automation level is not improved, more skilled technicians will need to operate. With China's demographic dividend disappeared, labor costs increased dramatically, users want to buy is a trend of higher degree of automation, the amount of labor less equipment, so the domestic equipment will be widely used in diapers PLC programmable control, intelligent man-machine dialogue operation technology, automatic detection technology, automatic stripping technology, automatic fault diagnosis technology at the same time, servo drive, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical movement together organically. The research and development of matching equipment such as stacker and packing equipment will also speed up and seamlessly connect with the main engine, so as to achieve automation from the raw material input, the finished product output to the whole process of packing and packing.

With the high-end of diaper equipment and the complexity of equipment structure, the price of equipment is higher and higher. Users put forward higher requirements for equipment life and utilization rate. Equipment module, on the one hand will make the equipment upgrades, adding new features and product specifications easier, with a shorter time and lower cost, thereby prolonging the service life of equipment, improve equipment utilization, users to maximize return on investment; on the other hand, meet the flexibility of diversity terminal products to the equipment requirements, improve the conversion users of the production of different products when the equipment efficiency, reduce downtime and cost of production, so as to meet the market for the end product diversity, differentiation, small batch, fast cycle demand.

Safer and more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

With the continuous improvement of the production speed of the diaper equipment, higher requirements have been put forward for the safety of equipment operation and safety. In the future, equipment manufacturers must think, design and manufacture equipment from the perspective of customers, help customers make rational layout in the workshop, and provide customized, safe and easy operation equipment to customers. This requires that the equipment must be completely closed during the operation, and all the running objects, including the raw materials, are not touched by the hand. Therefore, we must try our best to improve in every detail, eliminate the unstable factors one by one, and ensure that the equipment can be carried out for a long time under the premise of full closure. For example, the installation of safety protection device in the operating surface, and equipped with emergency stop switch, with safety signs, equipment transmission safety drawing line and heat dissipation system.

In terms of energy saving, on the one hand, we will gradually eliminate high-power appliances, and use energy-efficient appliances that run efficiently, stably and for longer life, such as variable frequency motors. On the other hand, we should innovate the production process and adopt new technologies with lower energy consumption and lower cost. For example, the waistline closure adopts hot wind rolling instead of ultrasonic, with similar feeling, but lower energy cost. In the aspect of environmental protection, the dust removing system and muffler noise reduction equipment, pulse dust removal method is widely used in cement, such as the original coal industry will be widely used in domestic diaper equipment.

The equipment of baby's urine pants is in the ascendant

Our country is in the fourth baby boom, coupled with population policy adjustment, the baby diaper market there is still much room for growth, and with the improvement of the consumption level, the use of baby diapers will be extended, compared with the developed countries and the penetration rate of baby diaper market penetration rate and per capita consumption there is a big baby the gap between the cost of diapers, so the next 10 years baby diaper market will continue to maintain a two annual double-digit growth, and much higher than the global average. Compared to the baby diapers market, the domestic market started the baby Lala pants compared with the developed countries is still in the late stage of enlightenment, with the consumption level and consumption habits change, more comfortable, more fashionable pull-ups pants Market has quietly started, the rapid development of the baby diapers market and the market will start Lara baby pants bring a broad space for development and high growth rate to the domestic baby diaper equipment manufacturers.

The space of adult urine pants is huge

China is going to enter the elderly society. The proportion of the elderly population is bigger and bigger. With the continuous improvement of living standard and the continuous improvement of medical technology level, people's life is getting longer and longer. The population is aging. At the same time, people's requirements for the quality of life and the corresponding purchasing ability are also increasing. It is estimated that there are about 200 million incontinence patients worldwide and about 25 million incontinence patients in China, which will bring great development space for Chinese adult urine pants Market. According to expert analysis, adult diaper market is greater than the baby diaper, adult diaper huge market potential will bring a broad space for the development of domestic equipment manufacturers and adult diaper, adult diaper machine margins than baby diaper equipment are 10 percentage points higher, will become the new engine driving the urine pants equipment manufacturers growth.

The gap between domestic paper diaper equipment and foreign well-known equipment

The foreign market has now entered the China diaper equipment manufacturing enterprises mainly from Japan, Italy Fa Mackay Ni Co and Ruiguang company of Italy GDM company. Compared with the domestic and foreign well-known equipment, the largest gap is not the equipment structure, because the shape structure can be very similar, but the precision of equipment performance and key working parts and mould - cut, because the precision of equipment and key parts of the use of performance directly affects the equipment operation stability, the stability of product quality production speed and production efficiency. The development of performance and precision of key parts of equipment to enhance the domestic needs of the electromechanical integration technology, and the depth of integration and domestic diaper equipment; to be the domestic heat treatment technology, improve the quality of workers and high precision processing equipment is no longer subject to Europe and the United states.

Domestic diaper equipment is still a long way to go, to continue to learn from the quality of equipment and other well-known foreign equipment manufacturers, equipment design, excellent high-speed stability, combined with domestic diapers equipment has fast research and development, the delivery cycle is short, high cost and quick and thoughtful customer service service advantages. As long as we sink our hearts, study the market, learn and absorb advanced equipment manufacturing technology, management methods and experience, and stick to independent innovation, the domestic diaper equipment will develop into the world leading equipment with the leading international level.


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