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The importance of metal testing equipment to sanitary products industry

The importance of metal testing equipment to sanitary products industry

  • 2018-09-17

Metal pollution may occur in any part of the production process. But faced with the mass production of artificial detection is obviously unrealistic, this time metal detection equipment will come into use.

The quality of products is the root of enterprises, and the hidden crisis in products should also be paid attention to. The control of product quality can bring benefits to enterprises, and what we do is to protect the quality and safety of products.

Each finished product in the quality industry has a customized testing equipment. smart machinery diaper manufacturing machine and sanitary pad machine use the industry's highest quality metal detectors can directly detect and remove metal materials in the main engine. By measuring product weight, data collection and recording results, on-line weighing can be performed without manual intervention or special person operation. When the product passes, it can be weighed and selected automatically. The detection before packaging can reduce the loss of packaging bags, improve the detection efficiency and save labor costs.


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