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Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of sanlian precision machinery

Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of sanlian precision machinery

  • 2018-07-02

Twenty years, in the long course of history, is just a snap. Twenty years, in the vast evolution of the universe, is even less significant. However, it is enough to make a big difference for a brave company. It is true that, in 20 years, the machine has passed 20 spring, summer, autumn and winter. On July 1, 2018, the 20th anniversary celebration of sanlian precision machinery ushered in the 20th birthday of sanlian machinery.

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Sanlian precision machinery uphold the responsible business people "do" attitude, step by step, slowly but surely, always provide the best quality products and services to customers, with excellent quality casts the good word of mouth. In the strong festive atmosphere, the joint precision machinery in the domestic and foreign important customer visit and led to local government, under the warm reception of CEO Mr WuZili, customers and lead the line of the joint precision machinery production base in the visit.

During the visit, CEO Mr. Wu zili made a detailed introduction and explanation on the production line of full-servo diaper making machine. More than 200 customer representatives from multinational companies and strategic partners. Industry associations and local government leaders visited our factory and saw automatic baby diapers machine. They asked the machine how to make diapers, and then our CEO, wu zili, introduced the workflow of the baby diapers production equipment. Full-servo two piece type pants production line is sanlian machinery rely on independent innovation and technological achievements of research and development, the production line in the domestic leading, as the international leading level, the production rate of 700 PCS/min, equipped with stacking machine, packaging machine, box packing. It integrates intelligent and information elements, controls the operation process of equipment accurately and records all production data comprehensively. Operators through real-time acquisition equipment running status, know the machine running state through these, in turn, comprehensive analysis of the data, and to make predictions and timely correction, in order to ensure the high speed and high efficiency of the equipment operation. It is the result of the independent research and development of sanlian precision machinery. This is the fastest production line of cheerleading pants in China, which has reached the world leading level.

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In a pleasant atmosphere, the two sides have fully communicated and discussed each other, laying a solid foundation for the future development of both sides.

At the party, other representatives from customers and suppliers at home and abroad delivered speeches. They reviewed the cooperation experience with sanlian precision machinery co., LTD and expressed their admiration for the diligence and enterprising spirit of the staff of sanlian precision machinery co., LTD. They affirmed and appreciated the strong manufacturing capacity, good faith and friendly cooperation experience of sanlian precision machinery.

Looking back on these years, sanlian people with sweat and passion wrote the youth and glory of sanlian machinery.Up to now, sanlian precision machinery relies on the unremitting efforts of the company's vast number of employees, and has won the trust and support of many customers.

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Finally, we raised our glasses together in a relaxed and happy atmosphere and congratulated on the success of the 20th anniversary of sanlian precision machinery.


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