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Welcome country photography association come to SL precision

Welcome country photography association come to SL precision

  • 2018-08-03

August 3, 2018, the nan’an assembly association and country photography association came to the Smart machinery photography collect folk songs, accompanied by relevant personnel of the company. The staff briefed the photographers on the scale of the plant's existing facilities, as well as the areas available for shooting. With the construction of the park as the starting point, the group went to the office building, assembly workshop, production site and other places for photography. With professional photography techniques, unique vision and inspirational lens, photographers capture beautiful images and record the rapid development of the Smart machinery.

Everywhere they went, they were attracted by the magnificent scenery in front of them. They were shocked by workshop hygiene and material placement, and by the roar of the pull up baby diaper production line hitting their eardrums. Collecting group gave high evaluation to the scale of the smart machinery, and said, will take this activity as an opportunity, with the greatest enthusiasm, the real records, carefully creating more excellent works to promote the smart machinery, take full advantage of photography, Show the construction of smart machinery, new achievements in enterprise development, improve the popularity.

While listening to the introduction, the photographers also recorded through the lens of the smart machinery workers' hard work.

Everyone who comes into the park will find out, today, This is not  past years. A three-dimensional development of the Smart machinery gradually presents in the visitor's mind, it is sagacious, composed, vigorous, gives people unlimited confidence and strength.

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