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What merits make wooden pulp core become popular?

What merits make wooden pulp core become popular?

  • 2008-03-05

1.The wooden pulp core originated from the West and its technology is very mature though over years.The wooden pulp core’s research and development,supply chain,production equipment are based on wooden pulp.The larger scale it is,the more conservative it is.In the case of the wooden pulp core without obvious short-board,it is very difficult to make transformation of tycoons likes PG and KC.

2.There is an important difference between the two kinds of cores.The wooden pulp core is thick and highly absorbent.The composite paper core’s absorbency on is not as strong as the wooden addle core(It is also enough to absorb 2 to 3 urine),and it is so thin and its thickness is only half of the diapers with the wooden pulp core.Foreign brands stick with the core of wooden pulp is rooted in the ideas of child-revising which is laissez-faire.It is quite common that a person takes care of several children cursorily which determines that they need diapers which are highly absorptive to reassure them.So absorbency is their first choice.

Chinese ideas of child-rearing is captivity which several adults take care of a child.The adults looked attentively at their children’s actions and often touch children’s crotches to check whether they have urinated,and the diaper will be changed as soon as the baby is in the urine,so the most important thing for babies is comfort instead of absorbency.There no doubt that the composite core diapers are more comfortable.After all,you can select a pair of thin briefs for yourself instead of pile one.So this special situation in China has brought about the invention of the composite paper core by Chinese. Foreign people should be convenient,domestic people should be comfortable.Different starting point and national conditions lead to different technical routes.There is no difference between good and bad.That is it.

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